Eat, Sleep and Repeat

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Everything had to take a back seat since my last post. Suddenly finding myself at the heart of what felt like a volcanic eruption, also known as work and being self employed.
For months it felt like a complete struggle, it’s amazing how auto pilot kicks in and you just power on and get through it. The eat, sleep and repeat cycle.
I kept an end in sight, to work towards and get through it. Looking forward to spending time with my family at Christmas 2016 and starting 2017 with a holiday. That, sleep, rest and no stress was key. And good food, not junk.
The workload was hard, mentally and physically. Every day I’d wake up feeling exhausted, legs aching before the day had even begun.
Sleep was so important. I kind of knew I wouldn’t have much trouble sleeping, as I was so tired all the time. Plus, I’ve never had much trouble falling asleep, usually within minutes of my head touching the pillow I’m out like a light.
I had some of the best nights sleep ever during that busy work period…The restorative effect of a good nights sleep when you really need it is like nothing else.
I’m way more aware of how important sleep and rest is, for so many things. Especially where my Diabetes is concerned.
Not enough sleep and I really see the effect on my blood sugars, 4mmol higher on average! And that makes everything harder work.
7 hours is the perfect amount of sleep for me.When I’m in a good sleep pattern, 7 hrs sleep and I’ll naturally wake up and need no alarm clock, which is pretty amazing really!
I lessened the caffeine which helped me feel calmer. And started reading again. This was my saviour! I love reading and always have loads of books waiting to be read. What better way to relax, de-stress, occupy my mind, to just not think, to have a bit of escapism AND to make a start on all those books I never have time to read!
Reading makes me feel so nice and relaxed, it’s such a good feeling! Kind of warm and fuzzy inside, like a great big hug for me and my mind. I felt content and at peace during one of the hardest working times of my life.
Work has eased up and I’ve kept up the reading.
I guess it’s called taking care of yourself!….X

It’s a fine balance, life, and getting it right….With or without Type 1 Diabetes

I may joke, a lot..and post silly photos, a lot…I enjoy sharing silly/funny moments. It’s good to smile, it’s good for the soul!

It might seem like I don’t take things very seriously, I do…(Sometimes!)…But sometimes you just need to shut the serious out with a little light heartedness, especially when you don’t feel great.

There are those sayings ‘anything for an easy life’ and ‘a little of what you fancy does you good’ ….sometimes they’re both right!

Joking aside….It’s a fine balance, life, and getting it right….With or without Type 1 Diabetes.

I’ve felt poorly for about a month, with a coldy/flu bug that just won’t shift, I exhausted myself working a bit too hard and not taking time off to rest. Though I am now resting under the watchful eye of nurse monkey & co! Ever thankful for small mercies, such as my bg’s being in single figures despite feeling rotten! That’s been a ray of sunshine keeping me going, ok maybe it’s the bg testing, bolus and TBR tweaks and a little chocolate that’s kept me going! It’s true though, you get out what you put in!

Hypo with no treats

Who forgets to take anything sweet out with them, when going off working..which involved some walking!?!…It’s so not me to do that, I’m always super organised and prepared for hypos. Although not this time!

Panic set in when suddenly, sandwich choosing in Boots became the most complicated and confusing task on the planet, I then realised I was hypoing. I hadn’t felt my blood sugars drop at all. But I felt the sudden overwhelming feeling of I’m going to pass out.
Never have I thought I need to shout the words “can someone help me” but I did just then. I didn’t shout it but I thought it.

Luckily a packet of wine gums caught my eye, my brain kicked in and I knew what to do, I opened them and quickly put two in my mouth at once (kind of forgetting they were wine gums and not my usual hypo cure of choice, Jelly Babies) and joined the queue to pay.

I always feel embarrassed having to speak to anyone when I’m in the depths of hypo as I know I get tongue tied when I can’t think straight.

Till number 3 beeped, I went over and muttered the words “I’m sorry I had to open these, I have diabetes and” before I could say anymore, the cashier said “it’s ok, my stepson is too” I just felt such a sense of relief. She understood. We exchanged a little conversation but to be honest I was too hypo’y to engage properly.

I wasn’t thinking straight through any of that, and didn’t check my blood sugars like I would do normally, so I don’t know exactly how low I was but I’m guessing somewhere between 1.8 and 2.2

I had another wine gum. Maybe two, I can’t actually remember and headed back to the car, where when I got there and checked, I was 3.2

I’ve inhaled said sandwich and am feeling normality return.

Don’t make the same mistake. Don’t forget to take something sweet out with you!


Umming and arring over whether to CGM or not…So I did…

CGM IMG_9217

I’m the kind of person who needs to know everything, preferably. So, I was very much interested in getting my paws on all of the data available to me. And as we all know, no day/week/month is the same.

Pretty much since I started CGM’ing on the 4 September 2015, I’ve been struggling to beat my bg’s into line (piñata style) so it’s been really interesting to see the effects of hormones and especially what goes on overnight and during exercise. I’ve not had chance to download all of the data and analyse it yet, but I will do hopefully this weekend.

Whilst I enjoy this! And that today, Day 20 of CGM my bg’s are back between 4.4 and 5.8 again, hooray! Ok…maybe not after two coffee’s and a chocolate brownie…*Beep beep* is that the sound of my alarm!!


I’ve left the lazy bones some light reading in my absence!

CGM reading

Have a good day all, and keep smiling! 😃 xx

Zero compassion or understanding, hypo’s aren’t my fault!

Today, I had to photograph a fundraising medical professional for a newspaper.

Having hypo’d (and treated) I waited until I was safe to drive before setting off and clear headed enough to phone and say I’d be 10 minutes late. Which they were absolutely fine about.

I could’ve blamed traffic for the delay, but given that this lady deals with diabetes within her work, I thought she would understand. I decided to be open as to why. So when I arrived, I apologised for the delay and explained that I have Type 1 Diabetes and had hypo’d. How wrong could I have been!

I never expected her response to be: “Don’t you think you should look after yourself better?”

Surprised, I replied “Actually I do look after myself” But she snapped at me “Well you clearly don’t if you turn up saying you’ve hypo’d….I’ve had 35 years as a medical professional, I know what I’m talking about” Rolled her eyes, and huffed “fine let’s get this over with”…..Internally I thought hang on a minute, do you know my Diabetes history? What about the 27years I’ve lived with MY Diabetes? Have you any idea just how much hard work and effort I put in to taking care of myself. So how dare you assume I don’t look after myself! What right have you got to make that assumption let alone voice it?

Instantly her words and the cold attitude made me feel awful. It’s made me feel awful all day. It’s raked up all those feelings of it being being my fault. Being forced to explain that in actual fact it’s not my fault that I hypo’d, and that it’s totally unrealistic to expect someone with diabetes not to ever have a hypo or a high blood sugar.

Then to hear how the increase in diabetes is all down to obesity, just made me want to roll my eyes.

When we have medical professionals who don’t understand the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes what hope is there?

Like a professional and there to do my job, I bit my tongue, took the photographs and left….But I left with this all in my head 😦

Out of the blue…

Out of the blue…IMG_6558

I feel a strange sensation, the tip of the middle finger on my left hand feels numb and tingly. I must’ve slept awkwardly I thought shaking my hand out…Only it hasn’t gone, it’s still there…

At times, it feels like there’s an elastic band tied tightly around it. I hoped it would go, it hasn’t, it’s still there…

It’s there all the time…

I’m scared.  Scared of what might be…

My mind won’t stop thinking about worst case scenarios, but that’s not going to help. Doing something about it is. And the sooner I act, the sooner I’ll know what I’m dealing with.

My guess is Diabetic Neuropathy. I’ve tried to resist the urge to look up symptoms on the internet. I’ve stopped using that finger for blood sugar testing, emailed my DSN for advice and booked an appointment at the GP.

Fingers crossed (no pun intended) it’s fixable.

Diabetes Week 2015 – Support

Diabetes Week 2015….

It’s a nice reminder that support is out there in many different forms, whether it’s via medical professionals, support groups or online communities. Thanks to social media there’s pretty much always someone online to talk to, even at 2am in the morning if you need to.

And, there’s nothing quite like the shared understanding with someone else who has Diabetes, Type 1 Diabetes in my case.

I had the great pleasure to meet and photograph @tracyluckystars today, for Diabetes Week 2015. You can check out her blog here:

I couldn’t help but laugh, arriving and apologising for the shaky hands as I’d not long hypo’d!

I take my Diabetes seriously, but I think it’s good to balance that with a little humour and silliness…So I will leave you with this…my thanks for the support from lots of you and my trusty assistant Bolus Wizard 😂


Tea, TBR and a poorly monkey

Work reached fever pitch last week, as did I….

I had multiple bookings everyday for more than a week. Which is excellent. Long days shooting and late nights editing are absolutely fine when well. I rest assured that I’ll have some time off after a busy stretch. That’s how it works being self employed.

Typically, on day 2 or 3 I went down with a cold/flu bug. You just can’t make up the timing of these things, of all the weeks! I dosed up with cold and flu relief ahead of a very busy day shooting video, followed by photographing a corporate AGM business meeting that evening, and then returning to the office that night to start editing and sending the video through. I was still working come 1am, but called it a day shortly after. I returned to my desk at 7.30am the following morning to squeeze every working minute out of another busy day that lay ahead.

Continually I kept a watchful eye on my blood sugars. It was surprising how good they were considering how rough I felt. I think all of the work, the running around and the mental tension was keeping a lid on them, along with insulin corrections, barely eating and drinking plenty of water.

Thursday came, I felt so rough. You know when everything hurts. It was an effort to get in the shower let alone to try and mask the poorly face I was wearing. Thank heavens for concealer!! Three more days work ahead was all I could think….I finished my jobs for the day, and popped into a shop for tissues on my way back to the car, when I suddenly felt really peculiar….hit by a sudden wave of nausea, head spinning and the feeling of my legs buckling beneath me, I felt like I was going to pass out 😦 I clung to a shelf as the feeling washed over me two or three times. Luckily I didn’t pass out, and I bought the tissues but the whole episode made my blood sugars plummet. I just wanted to be home in bed, but instead sat and waited in the car until I felt safe enough to drive. Friday and Saturday were similar, flagging, I finished my work and went straight to the office to edit. Sunday came, 6 hours of editing and sending work. And then…..hoorah I made it, I could rest!!!

I don’t know what this bug is, it’s not your average cold, there’s elements of flu about it, joints hurting, eyes that can’t bear the light and a banging headache all the time. I still don’t know how I managed the past week, but I did!

I hadn’t needed to increase my basal insulin until Sunday. Sunday and yesterday are the worst I’ve felt, so I got my pump guide out from hospital and read through the sick day rules to familiarise myself with what to do.

For the past day and a half I’ve needed a +40% TBR and today I’ve a +50% TBR on. It’s a bit of a learning curve, as its the first time I’ve used the positive temporary basal rates for sickness. Hopefully today, my second day of rest will turn the corner on the road of recovery. Plus I’m under the excellent care of Dr Monkey PHD toast, tissues and cold n flu relief administrator!! Hey Monkey are you making tea?….




Celebrating my 27th Diaversary!

Today 19 May I celebrate my 27th Diaversary!

I celebrate the day because it’s a good motivating reminder of how far I’ve come, how good things are, of what I’ve achieved and…well….it’s a date I can never forget.

Plus, a celebration means only one thing……CAKE!!!


Favourites and Motivations – #Dblogweek Day 6 – Two bloggers and my bionic friend!

Two people and my pump inspired/inspire me to blog: and

They have such a wonderful way with words, heartfelt, inspiring and always make me smile….And my pump, i couldn’t be without my little bionic friend, literally!

“I can’t write” or “no one would be interested in my ramblings of nonsense” I always said, but it’s about sharing experiences. I hope my blog makes someone laugh/smile/nod or gives a sense that you’re not alone.

Who’d have thought writing could be so therapeutic!

It’s good to push those boundaries and try something new!