MDI to Pump…..

For years, I’d heard the words (from consultants and DSN’s) “you should really think about an insulin pump”

At every hospital appointment, I’d say “It feels like a constant uphill battle to achieve good stable BG’s (blood sugars)” Note a battle I never seemed to win!
They’d say pump, I’d say no. Simply put off by fears of cannulas and having something attached.

At this stage I’d never seen a pump before, let alone touched one! But I had reached the point where I felt I couldn’t go on like it anymore, I was exhausted.

A conversation with my DSN also ringing in my ears “this may be the best control you’re going to achieve on MDI (multiple daily injections)” she said. I was doing everything I possibly could, I’d made dietary and exercise changes, and would wake up at 4am for an extra injection to try to stop the dawn phenomenon spikes. But none of it worked. Add in hypoing all the time…

Something had to change!

Talking to lots of lovely people with Type1 and parents of those with Type1 on twitter really helped, and started to unravel my fears of the unknown – I must say a massive thank you, to all of you for your time and patience helping answer my questions, no matter how silly they seemed to me.

One massive thank you goes to
Without her kindness I don’t think I would’ve got my pump! This wonderful lady sent me a how-to video, of her daughter Pumplette demonstrating how to put a cannula in! And so in that 2 min video my mind was made up, I’m going to go for a pump!

On the 22nd April 2014 I had my first pump training session and went live with insulin on the 26th April 2014…

And….I LOVE IT!!!

My best friend!

My best friend!

Not only is it awesome but it’s pink!!! And now just needs a name….

Straight away I dismantled my pens…after 26yrs of MDI I didn’t want any auto-pilot accidents! A big thank you to Navy Kitty (on twitter) for the red half unit pen, which helped massively pre-pump. Still kept with me everyday as a ‘just in case’.

MDI pens

MDI pens

Pretty much immediately I found myself wondering, what was I actually worrying about with regards a pump! I’ve had the best control ever since switching, and barely any hypo’s. It’s like a massive breath of fresh air, I just wish I’d switched years ago!…

Don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you!


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