Animas Sports Weekend 2014…..

Super exciting! I got a place at this years Animas Sports Weekend #ASW2014image

Nervous about what to expect, yet excited about what I’d learn…I couldn’t wait and counted down the days!

If the educational stuff wasn’t enough, it was really exciting to be meeting so many other people who share Type1 Diabetes. Little did I realise just how empowering and inspiring this would be….

The weekend was ‘practical’ and I am not! We put into practice what we’d learnt during the talks and Saturday’s exercise began with a spinning class!….I now know this is the reason I felt like I couldn’t walk for a few days after! 30mins into spinning and my head was spinning, I plummeted and hypo’d 2 or 3 times back to back. This actually made me feel quite nervous, not the hypo’s but hypoing in front of other people.

And there came what I call the #DLove the thought and kindness of others making sure I was alright, with offers of sweet things the support felt like a great big warm fluffy hug – thank you xx

Spinning around!

Spinning around!

Jelly babies to the rescue…and before I knew it, we were off on the run!! Run!!! are you kidding me?….I don’t run….certainly not post hypo! Our group walked the run, in the pouring rain, beautiful! Thank heavens for waterproof mascara!…Yes I know, I’m vain! I live in Essex what else do you expect!
Anyway, I gotta hand it to Veeny for putting up with my whining (mostly about how crap I felt post hypos) all the way round the walk..I’m sorry V! The mention of Pilates to finish off the morning’s exercise soon perked me up…Now we’re talking, Pilates is right up my street, I’ve done it for years. I loved it, the mix of yoga and Pilates or Yogalaties as my Pilates teacher calls it was magic. After lunch came circuit training. Motivational speakers in the evening, and dinner shared with awesome company, lots of laughs and a couple of cheeky glasses of wine!

Shaun, Grumps, Veeny and me!

Shaun, Grumps, Veeny and me!

What an experience! A great experience! Where for once I was in the majority not the minority, and where BG testing, hypos, beeping and the fishing of pumps out of bras was just normal. It is normal…my normal!

Thank you for an amazing weekend xx

Pumplette, Polly and Me xx

Pumplette, Polly and Me xx


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