When a hypo knocks you for six

Everything’s in slow motion, my hands are shaking and I realise I don’t feel too good…image

I’m on auto pilot….get blood sugar kit, test = BG is 3.2, I’m hypo, take a photo!

Realisation kicks in, never mind photos I must treat, get jelly babies, consume 3, check pump for IOB (insulin on board, still active in the body).

I sit and wait….Sounds sound weird, sensations feel strange, I feel pretty hypo drunk….kind of like after a few glasses of wine, but it’s not drunk or tipsy in a nice way, far from it….it’s a horrible, queasy out of control kind of way.

15mins later my BG’s are 3.7 although still very shaky I resist the urge to re-treat, instead I wait another 15mins, by which time my BG’s have risen to 7.6 hooray!

I’m usually more with-it after 20-30mins, but this time I don’t feel right, and end up sitting for another hour! Mentally, I feel so slow and foggy/fluffy headed! Moving feels like such an effort, I feel floored by it, like I’ve been hit by bus! I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. 5hrs later I’ve a banging headache, but just think tomorrow is another day.

Sometimes a hypo just bites you on the arse and knocks you for six!


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