How to make blood sugars sky rocket in seconds – without chocolate!

A: Deal with a doctors receptionist!

I’m sure I’m not alone thinking…Are all doctors receptionists trained in officiousness?

In fairness there’s one at my surgery with a caring and compassionate manner. Actually she’s really very good, helpful AND pleasant too! I think she understands about Diabetes, and always sorts it out, there and then, when the surgery don’t issue my repeat prescriptions.

When ordering repeat prescriptions for blood sugar test strips, I’ve learnt to:image

1. Don’t tick any other boxes on the request form, this helps to up the chances of receiving it, or not! And…

2. DO NOT under any circumstances order a repeat prescription online as they’ll just ignore it.

It’s a bit like a game of roulette when it comes to collecting a prescription…has it been issued or not? More often ‘not’ and I head to my surgery with a feeling of ‘Let battle commence!’

But the thing is, I really don’t like confrontation and absolutely dread the following….

When the computer I mean receptionist says no, there’s no prescription here for you, stares blankly, with a raised eyebrow, pursed lips and just shrugs. It starts to feel like a battle. I shouldn’t have to beg and plead for test strips or medication should I? They somehow make me feel guilty…but for what? taking care of my health?…which is ludicrous.

I’m sure they’ve not got the easiest job in the world, but the attitude is unnecessary. I always ask politely. It’s like they revel in some sort of power trip, but it’s people’s health and wellbeing that gets messed with.

And what about the impact of this on my blood sugars? Walking in to the surgery I feel the adrenalin spike and my blood sugars rocket. Which sometimes frustratingly ruins a good days figures.

No matter how uncomfortable I might find it getting prescription issues sorted, I stand firm on this. But what worries me, is how many people just accept it and walk away, left short of medicine or test strips or what ever they need.

I know I’m blurring two lines here, receptionists attitudes and doctors limiting prescriptions. It’s just a shame it always seems to come down to money and budgets.

This time I got lucky and I have supplies, till next time……


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