To CGM or not, that is the question?

Diabetic Clinic, Monday 9 March 2015:

HbA1c: 45 (6.3)
BG Averages: 81% in target, 3% lows

Top of my list for discussion with a DSN was *CGM, or Libre if the starter packs ever come back in stock again.

I’m undecided….

1. If I want a CGM?
2. If I want to be attached to two things, the CGM as well as my pump?
3. Would I want it all the time?
4. I realise the benefits but is it too much data for me?
5. What if I became reliant upon it? This scares me!
6. Which to go for..CGM or Libre?
7. Can I afford it?

I strive for the best control I can achieve, using diet and exercise – don’t get me wrong, I’m human and partial to a cream choux bun!…But I’m also aware everything has consequences! I’m obviously doing something right, but there’s always room for improvement.

Most of the time plenty of regular BG testing works, but there are two areas that rock my boat….possible hypos during the night (not all the time) and the effect of hormones, and exercise, all of which I want to investigate. I’m interested to see the fluctuations and what goes on during these times…CGM or the Libre being a way to answer some of these unknowns, especially as I never wake up for alarms set during the night.

My motto ‘If you don’t ask you don’t get!’

I asked the DSN if there were any moves towards CGM funding at my hospital, which there aren’t, but hospital could loan me a CGM for a week! Little did I realise I’d be going home with a CGM attached!!

Me and my CGM friend

Me and my CGM friend

So far….I’m still undecided. I wonder if a months worth of data is what I really need…or will it make me want for more!

Anyway, I can’t wait to look at the results next week when hospital download the data.


*CGM = Continuous Glucose Monitor, worn in addition to my pump


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