I Can and I Did!

A slightly late contribution to the #dblog #iCan theme – which feels super appropriate for something I accomplished just last week.

I’m not a shift worker and don’t work nights, Apart from once every 5years…The prospect was exciting yet stressing me out slightly….

I had three election counts to photograph last Thursday. My two main worries were, how will I stay awake and work through the night? And…Will I be ok driving? in a tired bunny nodding off sense!


This time, armed with a/my pump, I knew my bg’s would be easier to keep in line. I had a couple of 10’s but I expected to with the adrenalin rush of the work.

But, I did it!


4 thoughts on “I Can and I Did!

    • Thank you! Anything is possible with Diabetes, it just sometimes requires a little extra thought and forward planning, and sandwiches 🙂 a flask of coffee and sandwiches kept me going a treat!

  1. Way to go! I remember working in the newsroom and going out to the polls and campaign sites on election nights, and always being more worried than usual because of the late night and craziness of covering election. But definitely had help with the pump on board. Thanks for this, and awesome accomplishment, again!

    • Thank you for your kind words. Although I had the nerves and anticipation and excitement, I felt way better about working it this time, thanks to my pump. I felt safer knowing my bg’s wouldn’t run away and go crazy.

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