Keep it to yourself – #Dblogweek Day 2 (late!)

“Are you ok?” Asked the the guy I’d been photographing.

“Errrr yes, fine thank you” I said, hurriedly packing my camera gear away whilst feeling my temperature soar through the roof. I felt my forehead, it was dripping wet, I knew I was hypoing. I felt mortified as they asked me again if I was ok, I just said yes. I felt embarrassed, I just wanted to run out of there as quick as I could.

I’m not embarrassed about having diabetes, actually I’m very very open about it, I was just embarrassed at how that hypo made me look.

Lesson learnt that day, I shouldn’t have kept it to myself. I should’ve said I needed to sit for a minute and treat the hypo. I mean, what’s worse…treating a hypo or potentially passing out in front of people you don’t know! Not that I’ve ever passed out.


6 thoughts on “Keep it to yourself – #Dblogweek Day 2 (late!)

  1. I’m always fearful of lows in public too. I do my best to sneak a glucose tab, or candy or something, but sometimes people still notice. I can hide a high a lot better than a low.

    • I’m not sure why I didn’t do that, have a little something to keep me going. That was about 6/7 years ago (when I was employed) and a super busy day if memory serves me correctly.
      I don’t think I hide high’s very well! πŸ™ˆπŸ˜

    • Aww thank you. Yes, not good to do that. I think I was rather lucky that day! I’m way more cautious now, and don’t tend to work quite so frantically which helps greatly.

  2. Totally hear you. These are the worst, when we take on that “I’m fine, can keep going” attitude when really just take a seat and treat. Weird how so many of us do that exact same thing, and I’ve been in that same boat (photography, aside) more times than I can count. Thanks for writing and sharing this story!

    • Thank you for your words. Yes that’s exactly it! That feeling of “I’ll just keep going” sometimes just takes over, and I know I should stop whatever it is that I’m doing at the time. I try to be more aware of that, though not always easy when hypo and not exactly thinking straight!

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