Foods on Friday – #Dblogweek Day 5 – I love food!

I Love Food! 


Generally I try to eat a healthy balanced diet. I love low Gi foods and the effect on my blood sugars. It’s about moderation and making sensible choices in my eyes. I don’t always stick to this, sometimes I just really want that piece cake or sweet treat!

There are some “favourite” foods, that you’ll always find in my kitchen….

A typical day usually starts with two slices of toast either Vogel Soya & Linseed or Vogel’s Sunflower & Barley, and a cup of tea of course! And if I’m feeling crazy I’ll have a slice of each!



Lentils are my best friends!! I LOVE THEM, I LOVE THEM, I LOVE THEM! They’re amazing for stable blood sugars, and so filling too. I’ll often have them with my lunch and dinner with salad, lettuce, tomatoes and radishes are my staple salad items or lentils with salmon or chicken and avocado is always a winner.

image  image

Writing this is making my mouth water! Especially looking at these! Xx

image   image   image


4 thoughts on “Foods on Friday – #Dblogweek Day 5 – I love food!

  1. My daughter has that little monkey:) Funny how many times I see it during the day and it now makes me think of you. LOL

  2. Nice to see you and many others here writing about lentils – I love making soups with lentils as a base and varying the rest – lately mushrooms have been a favorite!

    • Thank you and thank you for reading my blog!
      Mmmm I love making mushroom soup…and lentil soup. I’ve not made either for ages, thank you for reminding me I must make some soon.
      The recipe I followed for the lentil soup has potato in it, I want to try it without potato, as I don’t think it needs it.
      Happy soup making! 🙂

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