Out of the blue…

Out of the blue…IMG_6558

I feel a strange sensation, the tip of the middle finger on my left hand feels numb and tingly. I must’ve slept awkwardly I thought shaking my hand out…Only it hasn’t gone, it’s still there…

At times, it feels like there’s an elastic band tied tightly around it. I hoped it would go, it hasn’t, it’s still there…

It’s there all the time…

I’m scared.  Scared of what might be…

My mind won’t stop thinking about worst case scenarios, but that’s not going to help. Doing something about it is. And the sooner I act, the sooner I’ll know what I’m dealing with.

My guess is Diabetic Neuropathy. I’ve tried to resist the urge to look up symptoms on the internet. I’ve stopped using that finger for blood sugar testing, emailed my DSN for advice and booked an appointment at the GP.

Fingers crossed (no pun intended) it’s fixable.


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