Zero compassion or understanding, hypo’s aren’t my fault!

Today, I had to photograph a fundraising medical professional for a newspaper.

Having hypo’d (and treated) I waited until I was safe to drive before setting off and clear headed enough to phone and say I’d be 10 minutes late. Which they were absolutely fine about.

I could’ve blamed traffic for the delay, but given that this lady deals with diabetes within her work, I thought she would understand. I decided to be open as to why. So when I arrived, I apologised for the delay and explained that I have Type 1 Diabetes and had hypo’d. How wrong could I have been!

I never expected her response to be: “Don’t you think you should look after yourself better?”

Surprised, I replied “Actually I do look after myself” But she snapped at me “Well you clearly don’t if you turn up saying you’ve hypo’d….I’ve had 35 years as a medical professional, I know what I’m talking about” Rolled her eyes, and huffed “fine let’s get this over with”…..Internally I thought hang on a minute, do you know my Diabetes history? What about the 27years I’ve lived with MY Diabetes? Have you any idea just how much hard work and effort I put in to taking care of myself. So how dare you assume I don’t look after myself! What right have you got to make that assumption let alone voice it?

Instantly her words and the cold attitude made me feel awful. It’s made me feel awful all day. It’s raked up all those feelings of it being being my fault. Being forced to explain that in actual fact it’s not my fault that I hypo’d, and that it’s totally unrealistic to expect someone with diabetes not to ever have a hypo or a high blood sugar.

Then to hear how the increase in diabetes is all down to obesity, just made me want to roll my eyes.

When we have medical professionals who don’t understand the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes what hope is there?

Like a professional and there to do my job, I bit my tongue, took the photographs and left….But I left with this all in my head 😦


6 thoughts on “Zero compassion or understanding, hypo’s aren’t my fault!

  1. I’ve found that many medical professionals don’t know much about diabetes and say the stupidest things. That’s unfortunate, but it’s worse that this particular one included judgment with her ignorance. That’s the worst.

  2. A “medical professional,” well, that really takes the cake. The sad truth is that many, maybe most, haven’t a clue.

    Regarding hypos, wow. Hate ’em. Plus the bounce-back if you don’t treat it well. Do you ever get “doubles?” A second one after you’re done treating the first?

    • I’m sure the ‘good’ professionals outweigh the bad…I hope!

      Yes, I have had those back-to-back hypo’s (not nice) usually if I have too much insulin onboard, and/or if I’ve had particularly busy/physical day which all play a part. But, I’m good with my hypo treatment, it’s precise and I don’t over treat.

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