Umming and arring over whether to CGM or not…So I did…

CGM IMG_9217

I’m the kind of person who needs to know everything, preferably. So, I was very much interested in getting my paws on all of the data available to me. And as we all know, no day/week/month is the same.

Pretty much since I started CGM’ing on the 4 September 2015, I’ve been struggling to beat my bg’s into line (piñata style) so it’s been really interesting to see the effects of hormones and especially what goes on overnight and during exercise. I’ve not had chance to download all of the data and analyse it yet, but I will do hopefully this weekend.

Whilst I enjoy this! And that today, Day 20 of CGM my bg’s are back between 4.4 and 5.8 again, hooray! Ok…maybe not after two coffee’s and a chocolate brownie…*Beep beep* is that the sound of my alarm!!


I’ve left the lazy bones some light reading in my absence!

CGM reading

Have a good day all, and keep smiling! 😃 xx


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