Hypo with no treats

Who forgets to take anything sweet out with them, when going off working..which involved some walking!?!…It’s so not me to do that, I’m always super organised and prepared for hypos. Although not this time!

Panic set in when suddenly, sandwich choosing in Boots became the most complicated and confusing task on the planet, I then realised I was hypoing. I hadn’t felt my blood sugars drop at all. But I felt the sudden overwhelming feeling of I’m going to pass out.
Never have I thought I need to shout the words “can someone help me” but I did just then. I didn’t shout it but I thought it.

Luckily a packet of wine gums caught my eye, my brain kicked in and I knew what to do, I opened them and quickly put two in my mouth at once (kind of forgetting they were wine gums and not my usual hypo cure of choice, Jelly Babies) and joined the queue to pay.

I always feel embarrassed having to speak to anyone when I’m in the depths of hypo as I know I get tongue tied when I can’t think straight.

Till number 3 beeped, I went over and muttered the words “I’m sorry I had to open these, I have diabetes and” before I could say anymore, the cashier said “it’s ok, my stepson is too” I just felt such a sense of relief. She understood. We exchanged a little conversation but to be honest I was too hypo’y to engage properly.

I wasn’t thinking straight through any of that, and didn’t check my blood sugars like I would do normally, so I don’t know exactly how low I was but I’m guessing somewhere between 1.8 and 2.2

I had another wine gum. Maybe two, I can’t actually remember and headed back to the car, where when I got there and checked, I was 3.2

I’ve inhaled said sandwich and am feeling normality return.

Don’t make the same mistake. Don’t forget to take something sweet out with you!


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