Eat, Sleep and Repeat

Thank you if you’re still following!
Everything had to take a back seat since my last post. Suddenly finding myself at the heart of what felt like a volcanic eruption, also known as work and being self employed.
For months it felt like a complete struggle, it’s amazing how auto pilot kicks in and you just power on and get through it. The eat, sleep and repeat cycle.
I kept an end in sight, to work towards and get through it. Looking forward to spending time with my family at Christmas 2016 and starting 2017 with a holiday. That, sleep, rest and no stress was key. And good food, not junk.
The workload was hard, mentally and physically. Every day I’d wake up feeling exhausted, legs aching before the day had even begun.
Sleep was so important. I kind of knew I wouldn’t have much trouble sleeping, as I was so tired all the time. Plus, I’ve never had much trouble falling asleep, usually within minutes of my head touching the pillow I’m out like a light.
I had some of the best nights sleep ever during that busy work period…The restorative effect of a good nights sleep when you really need it is like nothing else.
I’m way more aware of how important sleep and rest is, for so many things. Especially where my Diabetes is concerned.
Not enough sleep and I really see the effect on my blood sugars, 4mmol higher on average! And that makes everything harder work.
7 hours is the perfect amount of sleep for me.When I’m in a good sleep pattern, 7 hrs sleep and I’ll naturally wake up and need no alarm clock, which is pretty amazing really!
I lessened the caffeine which helped me feel calmer. And started reading again. This was my saviour! I love reading and always have loads of books waiting to be read. What better way to relax, de-stress, occupy my mind, to just not think, to have a bit of escapism AND to make a start on all those books I never have time to read!
Reading makes me feel so nice and relaxed, it’s such a good feeling! Kind of warm and fuzzy inside, like a great big hug for me and my mind. I felt content and at peace during one of the hardest working times of my life.
Work has eased up and I’ve kept up the reading.
I guess it’s called taking care of yourself!….X

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