Tea, TBR and a poorly monkey

Work reached fever pitch last week, as did I….

I had multiple bookings everyday for more than a week. Which is excellent. Long days shooting and late nights editing are absolutely fine when well. I rest assured that I’ll have some time off after a busy stretch. That’s how it works being self employed.

Typically, on day 2 or 3 I went down with a cold/flu bug. You just can’t make up the timing of these things, of all the weeks! I dosed up with cold and flu relief ahead of a very busy day shooting video, followed by photographing a corporate AGM business meeting that evening, and then returning to the office that night to start editing and sending the video through. I was still working come 1am, but called it a day shortly after. I returned to my desk at 7.30am the following morning to squeeze every working minute out of another busy day that lay ahead.

Continually I kept a watchful eye on my blood sugars. It was surprising how good they were considering how rough I felt. I think all of the work, the running around and the mental tension was keeping a lid on them, along with insulin corrections, barely eating and drinking plenty of water.

Thursday came, I felt so rough. You know when everything hurts. It was an effort to get in the shower let alone to try and mask the poorly face I was wearing. Thank heavens for concealer!! Three more days work ahead was all I could think….I finished my jobs for the day, and popped into a shop for tissues on my way back to the car, when I suddenly felt really peculiar….hit by a sudden wave of nausea, head spinning and the feeling of my legs buckling beneath me, I felt like I was going to pass out 😦 I clung to a shelf as the feeling washed over me two or three times. Luckily I didn’t pass out, and I bought the tissues but the whole episode made my blood sugars plummet. I just wanted to be home in bed, but instead sat and waited in the car until I felt safe enough to drive. Friday and Saturday were similar, flagging, I finished my work and went straight to the office to edit. Sunday came, 6 hours of editing and sending work. And then…..hoorah I made it, I could rest!!!

I don’t know what this bug is, it’s not your average cold, there’s elements of flu about it, joints hurting, eyes that can’t bear the light and a banging headache all the time. I still don’t know how I managed the past week, but I did!

I hadn’t needed to increase my basal insulin until Sunday. Sunday and yesterday are the worst I’ve felt, so I got my pump guide out from hospital and read through the sick day rules to familiarise myself with what to do.

For the past day and a half I’ve needed a +40% TBR and today I’ve a +50% TBR on. It’s a bit of a learning curve, as its the first time I’ve used the positive temporary basal rates for sickness. Hopefully today, my second day of rest will turn the corner on the road of recovery. Plus I’m under the excellent care of Dr Monkey PHD toast, tissues and cold n flu relief administrator!! Hey Monkey are you making tea?….





Celebrating my 27th Diaversary!

Today 19 May I celebrate my 27th Diaversary!

I celebrate the day because it’s a good motivating reminder of how far I’ve come, how good things are, of what I’ve achieved and…well….it’s a date I can never forget.

Plus, a celebration means only one thing……CAKE!!!


Favourites and Motivations – #Dblogweek Day 6 – Two bloggers and my bionic friend!

Two people and my pump inspired/inspire me to blog:

http://www.theunderstudypancreas.com and http://www.grumpypumper.wordpress.com

They have such a wonderful way with words, heartfelt, inspiring and always make me smile….And my pump, i couldn’t be without my little bionic friend, literally!

“I can’t write” or “no one would be interested in my ramblings of nonsense” I always said, but it’s about sharing experiences. I hope my blog makes someone laugh/smile/nod or gives a sense that you’re not alone.

Who’d have thought writing could be so therapeutic!

It’s good to push those boundaries and try something new!

Foods on Friday – #Dblogweek Day 5 – I love food!

I Love Food! 


Generally I try to eat a healthy balanced diet. I love low Gi foods and the effect on my blood sugars. It’s about moderation and making sensible choices in my eyes. I don’t always stick to this, sometimes I just really want that piece cake or sweet treat!

There are some “favourite” foods, that you’ll always find in my kitchen….

A typical day usually starts with two slices of toast either Vogel Soya & Linseed or Vogel’s Sunflower & Barley, and a cup of tea of course! And if I’m feeling crazy I’ll have a slice of each!



Lentils are my best friends!! I LOVE THEM, I LOVE THEM, I LOVE THEM! They’re amazing for stable blood sugars, and so filling too. I’ll often have them with my lunch and dinner with salad, lettuce, tomatoes and radishes are my staple salad items or lentils with salmon or chicken and avocado is always a winner.

image  image

Writing this is making my mouth water! Especially looking at these! Xx

image   image   image

Changes – #Dblogweek Day 4

Next week, marks 27years of Type 1 Diabetes for me! Wow! It’s flown by!

It feels like things have changed hugely over those years, especially in education, medicine/science and technology. From blood sugar meters, to insulin,  pens, pumps and a whole lot more. Plus support.

When I was diagnosed, my hospital put me and my folks in touch with another family who had a girl, similar age with Type 1. That was the closest I got to engaging with someone else with diabetes. It was great and a huge help to me and my parents.

Years later, discovering the #doc on Twitter was amazing. Suddenly I wasn’t so alone. Having support and interaction from so many people who understand what it’s like, the hypos, the highs, the frustrations, the help and advice has been magic, I’ve learnt so much. And I can’t thank you all enough for keeping me going and making me smile lots xx

Clean It Out – #Dblogweek Day 3


The remaining few diaries!

Hmmm…Well…my D drawer is pretty neatly organised.

My hoarding of used blood sugar diaries is another matter….

Once used, I keep them in a box, why? I haven’t a clue really. I tell myself I might want to look back through them for the info on temporary basal rates or combo boluses that I’ve used. But really I don’t need them at all, they just take up space. Recently, spring cleaning, I got rid of a lot of them.

Now, I keep any useful info like that written in my diary and as a note stored in my phone for quick and easy reference in an instant! 🙂

Keep it to yourself – #Dblogweek Day 2 (late!)

“Are you ok?” Asked the the guy I’d been photographing.

“Errrr yes, fine thank you” I said, hurriedly packing my camera gear away whilst feeling my temperature soar through the roof. I felt my forehead, it was dripping wet, I knew I was hypoing. I felt mortified as they asked me again if I was ok, I just said yes. I felt embarrassed, I just wanted to run out of there as quick as I could.

I’m not embarrassed about having diabetes, actually I’m very very open about it, I was just embarrassed at how that hypo made me look.

Lesson learnt that day, I shouldn’t have kept it to myself. I should’ve said I needed to sit for a minute and treat the hypo. I mean, what’s worse…treating a hypo or potentially passing out in front of people you don’t know! Not that I’ve ever passed out.