Diabetes Week 2015 – Support

Diabetes Week 2015….

It’s a nice reminder that support is out there in many different forms, whether it’s via medical professionals, support groups or online communities. Thanks to social media there’s pretty much always someone online to talk to, even at 2am in the morning if you need to.

And, there’s nothing quite like the shared understanding with someone else who has Diabetes, Type 1 Diabetes in my case.

I had the great pleasure to meet and photograph @tracyluckystars today, for Diabetes Week 2015. You can check out her blog here: http://tracyluckystars.wix.com/luckystars

I couldn’t help but laugh, arriving and apologising for the shaky hands as I’d not long hypo’d!

I take my Diabetes seriously, but I think it’s good to balance that with a little humour and silliness…So I will leave you with this…my thanks for the support from lots of you and my trusty assistant Bolus Wizard 😂