Eat, Sleep and Repeat

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Everything had to take a back seat since my last post. Suddenly finding myself at the heart of what felt like a volcanic eruption, also known as work and being self employed.
For months it felt like a complete struggle, it’s amazing how auto pilot kicks in and you just power on and get through it. The eat, sleep and repeat cycle.
I kept an end in sight, to work towards and get through it. Looking forward to spending time with my family at Christmas 2016 and starting 2017 with a holiday. That, sleep, rest and no stress was key. And good food, not junk.
The workload was hard, mentally and physically. Every day I’d wake up feeling exhausted, legs aching before the day had even begun.
Sleep was so important. I kind of knew I wouldn’t have much trouble sleeping, as I was so tired all the time. Plus, I’ve never had much trouble falling asleep, usually within minutes of my head touching the pillow I’m out like a light.
I had some of the best nights sleep ever during that busy work period…The restorative effect of a good nights sleep when you really need it is like nothing else.
I’m way more aware of how important sleep and rest is, for so many things. Especially where my Diabetes is concerned.
Not enough sleep and I really see the effect on my blood sugars, 4mmol higher on average! And that makes everything harder work.
7 hours is the perfect amount of sleep for me.When I’m in a good sleep pattern, 7 hrs sleep and I’ll naturally wake up and need no alarm clock, which is pretty amazing really!
I lessened the caffeine which helped me feel calmer. And started reading again. This was my saviour! I love reading and always have loads of books waiting to be read. What better way to relax, de-stress, occupy my mind, to just not think, to have a bit of escapism AND to make a start on all those books I never have time to read!
Reading makes me feel so nice and relaxed, it’s such a good feeling! Kind of warm and fuzzy inside, like a great big hug for me and my mind. I felt content and at peace during one of the hardest working times of my life.
Work has eased up and I’ve kept up the reading.
I guess it’s called taking care of yourself!….X

Out of the blue…

Out of the blue…IMG_6558

I feel a strange sensation, the tip of the middle finger on my left hand feels numb and tingly. I must’ve slept awkwardly I thought shaking my hand out…Only it hasn’t gone, it’s still there…

At times, it feels like there’s an elastic band tied tightly around it. I hoped it would go, it hasn’t, it’s still there…

It’s there all the time…

I’m scared.  Scared of what might be…

My mind won’t stop thinking about worst case scenarios, but that’s not going to help. Doing something about it is. And the sooner I act, the sooner I’ll know what I’m dealing with.

My guess is Diabetic Neuropathy. I’ve tried to resist the urge to look up symptoms on the internet. I’ve stopped using that finger for blood sugar testing, emailed my DSN for advice and booked an appointment at the GP.

Fingers crossed (no pun intended) it’s fixable.

Celebrating my 27th Diaversary!

Today 19 May I celebrate my 27th Diaversary!

I celebrate the day because it’s a good motivating reminder of how far I’ve come, how good things are, of what I’ve achieved and…well….it’s a date I can never forget.

Plus, a celebration means only one thing……CAKE!!!


Changes – #Dblogweek Day 4

Next week, marks 27years of Type 1 Diabetes for me! Wow! It’s flown by!

It feels like things have changed hugely over those years, especially in education, medicine/science and technology. From blood sugar meters, to insulin,  pens, pumps and a whole lot more. Plus support.

When I was diagnosed, my hospital put me and my folks in touch with another family who had a girl, similar age with Type 1. That was the closest I got to engaging with someone else with diabetes. It was great and a huge help to me and my parents.

Years later, discovering the #doc on Twitter was amazing. Suddenly I wasn’t so alone. Having support and interaction from so many people who understand what it’s like, the hypos, the highs, the frustrations, the help and advice has been magic, I’ve learnt so much. And I can’t thank you all enough for keeping me going and making me smile lots xx

Keep it to yourself – #Dblogweek Day 2 (late!)

“Are you ok?” Asked the the guy I’d been photographing.

“Errrr yes, fine thank you” I said, hurriedly packing my camera gear away whilst feeling my temperature soar through the roof. I felt my forehead, it was dripping wet, I knew I was hypoing. I felt mortified as they asked me again if I was ok, I just said yes. I felt embarrassed, I just wanted to run out of there as quick as I could.

I’m not embarrassed about having diabetes, actually I’m very very open about it, I was just embarrassed at how that hypo made me look.

Lesson learnt that day, I shouldn’t have kept it to myself. I should’ve said I needed to sit for a minute and treat the hypo. I mean, what’s worse…treating a hypo or potentially passing out in front of people you don’t know! Not that I’ve ever passed out.

I Can and I Did!

A slightly late contribution to the #dblog #iCan theme – which feels super appropriate for something I accomplished just last week.

I’m not a shift worker and don’t work nights, Apart from once every 5years…The prospect was exciting yet stressing me out slightly….

I had three election counts to photograph last Thursday. My two main worries were, how will I stay awake and work through the night? And…Will I be ok driving? in a tired bunny nodding off sense!


This time, armed with a/my pump, I knew my bg’s would be easier to keep in line. I had a couple of 10’s but I expected to with the adrenalin rush of the work.

But, I did it!